Shay: All-American Girl – Part 2


Shay: All-American Girl is a heartwarming and sexy tribute to youth growing up in America. Scott presents Shay with a lovely birthday cake, only to have his cock dipped in the frosting and her sweet pussy. Gorgeous Addison Rose diddles herself while sucking on a bouquet of tantalizing lollipops. Karlie and Shay share more than their hot dogs in a splendid girl / girl discovery scene. Ben English knocks Sammy Cruz off her rocking horse and she thoroughly enjoys the fall. Neveah enlists Shay in a game of patty-cake but Shay has something else in mind. Scott and Angeline get all tied up in a licorice feeding frenzy while Shay bathes with some light up rubber duckies. In the finale, Shay shows her true American passion in a fantastic first-date scene with Marco and an everchanging Dodge Super Bee. Digital Playground’s All-American Girl series casts a vibrant, sexy light on America’s favorite pastimes and the sexy girls who enjoy them.

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