Jack’s Teen America 15 – Part 4


With five lovely ladies competing for the same title, it’s a tight race to the finish and Bree is off to a succulent start. She charms the judges and Scott Nails with her amazing body and gorgeous face. Alicia shows she’s got the stamina to go the distance as she works the treadmill, the weights and her ass in a phenomenal, gym-style anal. Veronica redefines Asian Delight as she sucks and fucks her way out of her kimono. Taryn shows us how tasty and delicious she is and Courtney donates her amazingly perfect ass to the cause! Which appe-tizing morsel will be named “Jack’s Teen America” in Mission 15? Jack will walk you through the competition, taking time to savor each of the beautiful contenders. They’re young, they’re hot and they all want to win. Put it in now and help Jack decide who will get the crown!

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