Best Things Come


May Thai and Angelo Godshack were taking it slow. They had only been together a couple of weeks, after all, and May wasn’t sure she could handle the gargantuan Godshack’s manhood. But their passion hit a boiling point during their first vacation together and they could no longer wait. Lost in Angelo’s strapping arms as his hands caressed her flawless skin, May beckoned his hungry tongue across her perfect pierced clit and around the rim of her tight ass. She wanted to give Angelo everything and temptingly spread her taught young cheeks apart to allow his hulking cock entry into her ass. He fucked her slow and deep, pausing only to let her suck the juices from his steel-hard dick before returning with vigor to deliver a powerful anal orgasm. Their first time together was a long time coming, but as they discovered, the best things come to those who wait.

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