I Want More


Special Agent Linda Sweet finally caught wanted con-man, Bad Boy Ben. It was her job to pump him for information, but when she finally met the handsome felon face-to-face, she was overcome by lust. Sensing her desire, Ben reached through his cell and pulled Linda closer by her fiery red hair, fondling her beautiful round ass and perky natural tits. Captivated by the convict’s dominant embrace, Linda grabbed hungrily through the bars to jerk him off before dropping to her knees to suck his big dick. Even handcuffing Ben to his cage couldn’t make him relinquish control, and Linda was soon bent over and fucked in her pierced pussy and tight asshole. But it was a trick! After riding him in reverse cowgirl to a huge anal orgasm and sucking his hard cock dry, Linda left Ben to serve his long sentence of hard time.

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