Don’t Be Shy


When Charlie Dean burst into Kristy Black’s office with a huge hard-on, the sexy psychoanalyst didn’t want to be bothered by another oversexed Czech with mommy issues. But tight-trousered Charlie had already flopped down on her chaise lounge, ready to recount his tale of woe. So, the good doctor heard him out. His girlfriend had just dumped him, due to a really, really big problem–Charlie’s cock! His thick dick could hardly fit in most pussies. As for anal sex? Forget it! Hearing his X-rated confession, a tingle of excitement ran through Dr. Kristy’s pert asshole. Unable to resist inspecting Charlie’s problem area, Kristy crawled atop her horny patient for a backdoor fucking with plenty of ATM blowjobs, wild orgasms, and a grand cumshot finale.

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