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Kira’s husband Johnny is about to leave for work, but she’s thinking about some early morning TLC. She tries to tease him into staying, but the working man decides he has to put his job first. Kira decides to take matters into her own hands and pulls out her vibrator. She lies down comfortably on the couch, brushing her fingertips softly over every inch of her body. Just as her pussy starts to throb for more, her husband returns, having forgotten his keys. Seeing his gorgeous wife in the throes of pleasure is too much for Johnny to ignore, and though Kira makes him work for it at first, soon he is passionately tasting her sweet juices. Kira then has Johnny take her lovingly from behind, using her toy on her clit at the same time until she explodes in beautiful orgasm. Husband and wife climax together and fall back, satisfied, sweaty, and spent. Guess Johny’s going to be late for work!

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