Sparks and Sparkplugs


When Jojo Kiss’s car breaks down on the side of the road she thinks all hope is lost, but coincidentally, she winds up right near the dwelling of her brother’s best friend, Xander Corvus. Xander, a mechanic and a gentleman, offers to take a look under her hood. Popping his shirt off to avoid stains and afford Jojo a glance at his abs, Xander quickly diagnoses the problem as a faulty starter plug. Having crushed on her brother’s friend forever, when Xander leaves to fetch a new starter plug, Jojo seizes the opportunity to strip down so he can see what she has to offer. Her subtle tits convince Xander to spill the beans: he has a crush on her too! With newfound love erupting, the pair head to Xander’s bedroom where years of repressed sexual urges are brought out all at once in a passionate sex session.

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