Girls Aloud


Lena Love wanted to do something special for her husband, who was returning later from a long business trip. So she poured her perfect figure into his favorite black lace lingerie, and poised herself to surprise him. But when she caught a glimpse of her sister-in-law Lola MyLuv in the guest bed, Lena’s passion for hard cock turned to one for wet pussy. With a stroke of her platinum hair, Lena roused Lola from her slumber, bringing her back fully with long, lingering kisses. Peeling their underthings off of each other’s taut, bronze bodies, Lena and Lola explored the desire that had been building between them, taking turns to lick, fiddle, and lap at their tits and clits, leading both into a frenzy that exploded in a mutual orgasm. Overcome with pleasure, the two beauties collapsed into a cuddle of limbs, sure that this would not be their last time together.

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