Katie’s Sanctuary Part 2



After Aaron’s dalliance with infidelity left him prickly and stern, Katie wandered off on her own to the meeting spot a secret note told her to find. Marital tension had left her restless spirit primed for any rake who might capitalize on her mood, the temptation of marital infidelity pricking at her. When she spotted Richard on the grounds, she joined him for an intimate chat, and before long he had leaned in for a kiss, only to have Katie walk away with her lips poised inches from his! Hot on the heels of his failure, Richard began obsessively watching the cameras wired in every room of the house. It took the soothing efforts of his lady to bring him back to earth with lustful desire. Moaning with pleasure as he tied Felicia’s wrists with rope, she took Richard deep inside her until he pulled out and sprayed her bald pussy with cum.

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