Anatomy of Desire Part 3


New doctor Kelly (Kimmy Granger) was frantic when she heard her boyfriend Max (Charles Dera) was one of the patients involved in a car accident. But, Max is less concerned about his health than about Kelly finding out that the woman in the car with him, Rosalyn (Melissa Moore), was more than just a coworker! When the power goes out, Rosalyn sneaks into Max’s room under cover of darkness and climbs into his bed in nothing but a hospital gown. At first, Max is worried they’ll be caught, but when Rosalyn slips her hands under his blankets to check that his cock is in good shape, all the stud can think about is another illicit tryst with his sexy side chick. Once Max has Rosalyn wet and begging for his dick by fingering her sweet pussy, he gives her the deep fucking she wants until she’s cumming loudly over and over! But, will their passionate moans bring Kelly running to check on him? Stay tuned!

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