Paint Me Out


Artist Izabella has hired Poca Hontas to model nude for her next painting. As Poca poses with her legs spread, covered only by a sheet that reveals as much of her curvy body as it conceals, she stops herself from getting bored by playing with her luscious tits and pussy. Once the painting is complete, Poca thinks it’s time for her artist to get naked too! She pulls off Izabella’s clothes, dips her fingers into the pigments, and begins to draw designs on the other woman’s full breasts, taut abs, and tight ass, painting her lover with all the colors of her palette! After their colorful foreplay, the two lesbians rinse off in the shower, which turns into an intense pussy-eating session! Once they’re clean and dry, Izabella leads Poca to her bed, where the sensual lovers try tribbing, 69ing, and playing with a thick toy until both women are gasping with pleasure!

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