Sparks Fly


Paula Shy cooked up a special treat for her lover, an erotic sampling menu of sensations meant to transport her somewhere entirely new. After Sarah offered up her ankles and wrists to be tied to the bed, she lay back and waiting impatiently for Sarah to tantalize her sense of touch with the teasing caress of a feather duster. Dragging the tips of the feathers up the inside of Sarah’s legs, she made her girlfriend’s back arch as she begged her to use her hands. Paula prolonged Sarah’s pangs of desire, kissing her way down her stomach and licking her wet pussy through her panties, then squatting down on Sarah’s shoulders for 69 and facesitting oral sex. When Paula finally untied Sarah, they switched, and Sarah licked and fingered her from behind until the pleasures of girl/girl sex built to an intense orgasm!

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