Steal a Glance


As Russia’s most infamous cat burglar, Missa wasn’t used to getting caught. So after she was found trying to steal from a rich oligarch’s billion-dollar mansion, she had to think fast. Luckily, Missa wasn’t just gifted with sticky fingers, but also a smooth and sexy body, both of which were powerful weapons in her arsenal of seduction. She quickly made a deal with her target’s security: she would give them a show, and in return, they would give her freedom. Slipping into one of the lacy slips owned by the lady of the house, Missa got to work, peeling it away slowly from her flawless young form, revealing perfect curves to her would-be-captor pervs. As she writhed her way into their hearts, Missa continued to case the mansion with quick, cat-like glances. She would soon slink away scot-free, already scheming up a new plan to swindle men of means from their riches.

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