Three’s Company


Figi had stopped by his girlfriend Eveline Dellai’s place for a little fun, but her stepmother Jenny Simons blocked the amorous boyfriend from coming inside. Motivated by Eveline, who was texting him pics of her wet pussy, Figi scaled the wall to her apartment, only to be caught by the overbearing stepmom. As punishment, Jenny grabbed the back of Eveline’s head and eased her mouth onto Figi’s cock, making sure she swallowed every last inch. The couple were playthings in Jenny’s hands as she made Figi lick their glistening clits before guiding his hard cock into her stepdaughter’s flush pussy. He was then commanded to fuck both of them in side-by-side doggystyle, after which the girls took turns riding his big dick. As Figi came all over her perky tits and face, Jenny smiled, confident that she had taught the lovers a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget.

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