Amor Apasionado


Alexa Tomas is so overcome with passion for her man Joel that she wanted to give him something more than she’d given any other man before, namely her first anal sex. Just the thought made her so horny, Alexa couldn’t wait another minute and got started masturbating without him. When Joel got home and spotted Alexa with a hand between her legs, he joined her on the sofa and started fingerfucking her wet pussy. Eager to get her hands on Joel’s cock, Alexa turned around and put her lips on his shaft, feeling his cock harden in her mouth. Alexa hopped on Joel’s cock and while she rode him, Joel reached behind and slipped two fingers in her butt, deepening her pleasure with anal stimulation. Joel pressed the tip of his hard dick against Alexa’s asshole, and felt it give in and squeeze him tightly as he slipped deep inside her, for a hot outdoor anal fuck!

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